I wouldn’t say I have a design philosophy. My goal has always been to make things that mean something to me. And a lot of the time that may just mean a dumb joke. Part of the fun is never really knowing what will resonate with people, which can be as rewarding as it is frustrating.

My favourite drawings are often the loose ones that rarely leave my sketchbook — things that are weird and funny, but never quite give the full context. I like the idea of having my own story behind a character, but knowing someone could pull something completely different from it; similar to music, which is often a source of inspiration for me. Lyrics are often written with an intent, but we can still form our own interpretations. Feel free to do the same with the things I make.

 And if something I created does strike a chord with you, please let me know. It would probably make my day.

Some of my current projects include:

  • Year of the Tape - a Discord community for creating & appreciating video game soundtracks on cassette
  • Prism - a visual novel for PC that’s written, drawn, and developed by me, featuring music by niftyneatclub
  • Clocktower Collective - an upcoming record label between a friend and I

Thank you for reading & for supporting me 💖